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Hardwood Flooring

Love it for life!

At Grand Rapids Flooring we’re always excited to help West Michigan homeowners, property managers, and businesses invest in the right flooring for their needs. And for a truly classic, high-end flooring experience there’s no better choice than 100% all natural hardwood.


    Why Hardwood?

    Is it worth the extra cost?

    Solid hardwood flooring doesn’t just have a great feel for your home or office. It’s a durable investment that can last for decades or even centuries, instantly adding to your property value and lending an unmistakable natural charm to your space. It’s an especially good choice for prominent, high-use spaces like kitchens, dining areas, living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways.

    Unlike other flooring options, hardwood flooring can be completely refinished and restored several times over its long lifespan, removing damage from hard use as well as general fading and discoloration. The flooring is sanded down, stained, and refinished, allowing old floors to look new generation after generation.

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    Hardwood Flooring Fact #1

    Rooms look larger in rooms with hardwood than with other types of flooring

    Hardwood Flooring Fact #2

    Acoustics are better in rooms with hardwoods

    Hardwood Flooring Fact #3

    To gauge the hardness of different types of wood, the “Janka Hardness Test” is used


    Engineered Wood

    Flexible and Durable.

    Do you want the charm and quality of hardwood, even in spaces where hardwood might not be a good fit? Considered engineered wood floors.

    This flooring is designed with top layers of real, beautiful hardwood supported by man-made layers underneath, giving the flooring superior strength and resistance against warping due to moisture, humidity, or temperature swings –a perfect choice for basements or other prominent spaces.


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