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If you’re looking to update or upgrade your floors and need a professional flooring installation near you, give us a call.  We can help transform your home with quality, name-brand carpeting, hardwood, vinyl plank, or Laminate flooring at great prices.  We can provide a quick quote usually within a day of getting the details and have your new flooring installed before most of our competitors can complete their quote.

So, if Quality, Price, Professional Installation, all done Quickly is important, give Grand Rapids Flooring Company a try.

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    The Latest From Us

    Expert advice and deep dives from our team.

    Bringing Comfort Into Your Kitchen

    The kitchen is the heart of every home, a place where families gather to cook, eat, and create lasting memories. Bringing comfort into your kitchen, has never been easier.  One easy improvement you can make is to install luxury vinyl

    Benefits of Wide Plank Flooring

    Before we begin, we must emphasize that your subfloor must be perfectly level or your wider planks will not sit correctly.  Wider planks are incredibly beautiful, however you will need to pay more upfront for a completely level subfloor in

    Top Questions You Should Ask Your Flooring Contractor

    When it comes to home improvement projects, few things can transform a space as effectively as new flooring. Whether you're renovating your living room, kitchen, or bedroom, choosing the right flooring and the right contractor is crucial. After all, your

    Flooring Fashion

    Flooring that looks good and feels great

    There are a lot of flooring options out there. Which is best for your home, your tastes, and your budget? Our design team lays out flooring options that you will love!


    Why We Are Here

    The flooring you choose plays a deciding role in the look, feel, and function of any space. At Grand Rapids Flooring it is our privilege to help West Michigan homeowners and property managers find the floor that’s right for them.

    From new home construction or additions to remodeling work, office renovations, or restoration projects, our independent West Michigan team is ready to help you chose the perfect flooring solution for your needs with a wide product selection and affordable flooring installation services.  We want to be the flooring company near you in Grand Rapids that you feel confident calling for all of your flooring projects.

    For Homeowners

    From kids to pets and everything in between, your floor takes a beating. But that’s no reason to make compromises! Grand Rapids Flooring offers a wide range of residential flooring options that all strike unique balances between comfort, durability, and price, so you can choose the floor that’s best for you.

    From plush synthetic carpet to classic and easy-to-maintain tile, to the natural charm of real hardwood or one of the many laminates or luxury vinyl floors that closely match it, we have the floor of your dreams ready with professional design assistance and experienced sizing and installation services.

    For Property Managers

    Whether you’re finishing new construction or renovating an older space for a new mission, the right flooring can make a huge difference in how your space looks, feels, and wears in the years to come.

    For high-quality, low-maintenance flooring in professional settings of any size or scope, contact Grand Rapids Flooring today! Our Flooring Company offers commercial carpeting, vinyl flooring, and tilework as well as high-end natural materials, laminates, and more.

    Ready To Serve!

    There’s no substitute for working with a local team that’s highly motivated to serve you and make your next flooring project a success. At Grand Rapids Flooring we specialize in helping our clients with truly top-notch service, a wide selection, and expert installers all at a fair and affordable price point.

    From design consultation to final installation or repair calls, our flooring specialists are here to help you and make your home or business shine. Call or email today!

    Need a General Contractor?

    Although we specialize as a flooring contractor, if you are looking for a general contractor to assist you with your remodeling project, we encourage you to check out our affiliate Amber Valley Construction. They are a Design/Build/Remodel firm here in Grand Rapids and will do a great job of exceeding your expectations as it pertains to your remodeling work.

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