Before we begin, we must emphasize that your subfloor must be perfectly level or your wider planks will not sit correctly.  Wider planks are incredibly beautiful, however you will need to pay more upfront for a completely level subfloor in order to install a perfectly executed floor.    

Wide plank flooring offers several benefits that make it a popular choice for homeowners and designers.

Here are some of the advantages of wide plank flooring:

  1. Aesthetic Appeal: Wide planks create a visually stunning and spacious look. They showcase the natural beauty of wood and the unique grain patterns in vinyl with fewer seams, allowing the grain and character to shine. This can add a sense of elegance and charm to any space.
  2. Timeless Style: Wide plank flooring has a classic and timeless appeal that can complement both traditional and contemporary interior designs. It adds character and warmth to a room and doesn’t go out of fashion.
  3. Durability: Wide planks are typically made from high-quality, durable hardwoods or vinyl, making them resistant to wear and tear. Properly maintained, they can last for generations.
  4. Variety: Wide plank flooring is available in a wide range of wood species and vinyl selections, each with its unique grain patterns and colors. This allows you to choose one that matches your desired aesthetic.
  5. Enhanced Character: Wider boards often feature more knots, streaks, and other “imperfections”, which can give the flooring a rustic and authentic appearance, adding to its character and uniqueness.
  6. Ease of Installation: Wide planks cover more surface area per board, which means fewer boards to install. This can make the installation process quicker compared to narrower planks.
  7. Room Perception: Wide planks can make a room appear larger due to fewer seams and lines on the floor, creating a more open and spacious feel.
  8. Versatility: Wide plank flooring works well in various settings, from residential homes to commercial spaces. It can be installed in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and even hallways.
  9. Resale Value: Many western Michigan homebuyers appreciate the beauty and quality of wide plank flooring. Installing it in your home can potentially increase its resale value.
  10. Ease of Maintenance: Wide plank floors are generally easy to clean and maintain. Regular sweeping and occasional mopping with a suitable wood floor cleaner are usually sufficient to keep them looking great.
  11. Sound Insulation: Wider boards can provide better sound insulation than narrow planks because there are fewer seams for sound to travel through.

While wide plank flooring offers many advantages, it’s essential to consider factors like the climate in Grand Rapids, MI., installation costs, and your specific design preferences before making a decision. Additionally, proper installation and maintenance are crucial to maximize the benefits of wide plank flooring and ensure it’s longevity.