hen it comes to bedroom floors homeowners have a unique choice to make as they balance comfort, durability, and allergen control. So, how should you make the right flooring decision for you and your family and what are your best options?

If you (or a family member) has allergies…

Or any other respiratory condition, carpeting is probably not your best option. No matter the thickness or pile, carpet is a natural reservoir for natural allergens like dust, mold, and pet dander. While vacuuming helps, the act of vacuuming carpet can cause worse symptoms in the short term as everything gets stirred up, and in the long term you’ll never really be able to get carpeting as clean as hard flooring options.

If you’re after quality…

There’s nothing quite like the natural charm of hardwood. It has a particular sound, weight, and feel that you can’t get with anything else. Plus hardwood floors are great for resale value and you can always compliment your hardwood with a decorative area rug.

Feel free to consider engineered wood as well, as you can save on cost and still get a natural wood surface with a sturdy, engineered core.

If cost is a concern…

Consider Laminate flooring. Thanks to high definition printing and a thick aluminum oxide top coat, laminate floors look like real wood and are tough, easy to install, and easy to clean. They’re a great middle of the road option for most spaces of the house, including the bedroom.

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