Carpet tiles (also called carpet squares) are a versatile, durable option that we’ve all seen countless times in offices and commercial spaces. But is that the only setting carpet squares are a good fit? What are their pros and cons and do they have a place in residential spaces as well?

Carpet Tile Pros

Simple, Fast Installation

Carpet rolls are heavy and awkward to carry and cut down to size. Carpet tiles, because they’re smaller and stack well, are much easier to handle, and you won’t have as much waste after you’re finished. Because many styles stick straight to the ground they’re also pretty much the single easiest flooring option out there when it comes to installation.

Lasting Durability

The reason carpet tiles have appeared in so many commercial spaces is largely due to their great cost/value ratio. They’re inexpensive, easy to install, and handle wear, tear, dirt, and stains very well. This is especially true for thicker, cushion-backed varieties.

Easy to Maintain

Even if a tile is torn, stained, or buckles, it’s simple to remove it and replace with a fresh one, keeping your floor looking great on an ongoing basis.

Lots of Varieties to Choose From

You can choose from a huge range of styles and colors, many of which are designed to mesh together for a relatively seamless final impression. Others lend themselves to a checkerboard or mosaic designs, so you customize your flooring with the pattern you want!

Excellent Traction

Unlike hard flooring, carpet tiles are extremely slip resistant and an excellent choice for spaces where traction is important. Just note that, along with most other types of flooring, they shouldn’t be installed in areas that are frequently wet.

Carpet Tile Cons

Edge Fray and Buckling

While carpet squares are pretty tough, the seams between squares are a potential weak point. Edges can shift and fray and the more they wear down the more prone to damage they become, especially if moisture is involved.

This is another good reason to keep some spare tiles handy.

Worse for Allergies than Hardwood or Other Hard Flooring

Carpeting, no matter the type, is a magnet for dirt, dust, and dander—all frequent allergy triggers. Because of the low, sturdy construction carpet squares are better than other carpeting for allergies, but not as good as hardwoods, vinyl, laminate, or other hard floor options.

Corporate Chic?

Because they have their roots in corporate spaces, carpet tiles can have a pretty flat and stark look to them and the seams between each piece are hard to miss, even if you choose a solid color scheme. According to some, carpet tiles don’t have the same inviting texture as traditional carpet or the charm of hard flooring, and because of this they’re only a good fit for background home spaces like basements or playrooms.

The Final Word

While they have their downsides, carpet tiles are ideal for projects on a tight budget or tight timeline. If you live in Grand Rapids Michigan or the surrounding communities and you need carpet tile flooring for your home, or are interested in exploring other flooring options, Grand Rapids Flooring has you covered!

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