Hardwood floors are one of the toughest, longest-lasting flooring options out there. But even they can take a beating from day to day use and abuse. Unlike other flooring options though, wood floors can often be refinished and restored to their original, stunning condition.

Here are four things to remember when it comes time to refinish your hardwood floors.

1. You Can Only Refinish so Many Times

A ¾” thick hardwood floor can generally be sanded down and refinished about six to eight times total before needing to be completely replaced. This means that most hardwood floors can be refinished, as very few will have gone through this process so many times. However, you want to be strategic and only refinish as needed, generally no more than once every two decades of daily use.

If you aren’t sure whether or not your floors are able to be refinished we can remove a plank from a closet or other inconspicuous spot to check for you.

2. It’s a Process

The refinishing process involves sanding the entire floor, staining it a new color of your choice, and adding several coats of sealant (usually polyurethane) with curing time. This can take anywhere from three days to a week or longer and during that time you’ll be living with noise, dust, and the odors of wood stain and polyurethane. Depending on your schedule it may be a good time to take a vacation or stay with family elsewhere.

However, no permits are required and floor refinishing can go on during any season of the year.

3. It’s Cost Effective!

Refinishing a floor is a labor intensive and involved process, and that comes with a cost. However, refinishing a hardwood floor is generally a much cheaper option than replacing the floor with fresh hardwood planks.

4. Refinishing Can’t Fix Everything

Refinishing can touch up some hills or valleys in your flooring, but it won’t correct serious issues like buckling, split planks, or major discoloration due to water exposure. If a floor has been structurally compromised, sanding won’t just fix it.

We can help you refinish your floors!

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